The Retina display is impressive, and I still fawn over my MacBook Pro’s two-year-old unibody shell. But it’s always been the magical little details that’ve gotten me really hopped up about Apple.Case in point: The new version of Apple’s Remote iOS app.

The app is every bit as stunning as the new iTunes, and now surpasses the iOS Music app in coolness; I sat around for about fifteen minutes on my iPad just checking out the color combos the new Expanded album view creates. Note that the Expanded view, along with the new live-results search feature, are iPad-only.

Up Next also makes an appearance on the Remote app, which means you can micro-DJ-manage your party by moving tracks around on the playlist, all from your iDevice. Remote also gives you the ability to create playlists, well, remotely. Everything looks fantastic, especially on the iPad. In fact, the app is so good I can easily see myself controlling music on my MacBook from my iPad while I’m working on my MacBook. Here’s hoping some of these features will make it into the next version of iOS.

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