p0sixpwn jailbreak for iOS 6.1

A fair amount of users held off on updating their iOS 6 devices to iOS 7 for a variety of reasons, and thus those holdouts missed out on the option to use the new iOS 7 jailbreak from Evasi0n. For those users still running iOS 6.1.3, iOS 6.1.4, and iOS 6.1.5 on their iPads, iPod touches, and iPhones, having patience has finally paid off, as a new untethered jailbreak for those elder versions of iOS has finally been released. The jailbreak tool is called p0sixpwn, and it’s a free download for Mac OS X, with a Windows version said to be arriving shortly.

Using the p0sixpwn jailbreak is a piece of cake, with the process being very similar to that of using the evasi0n 7 tool. In fact, the two utilities look almost identical, and by following the simple onscreen instructions you’ll be through and jailbroken in short order. You will need to briefly tether the iOS device to a computer with a USB cable to complete the initial jailbreak, but once the jailbreak has completed it will be completely untethered.

p0sixpwn jailbreak

Keep in mind that jailbreaking is unsupported and experimental, making it best reserved for advanced users who have the appropriate knowledge and a compelling reason to jailbreak their devices. There are many reasons why it is not recommended for most users and average iPhone/iPad owners are typically advised to avoid the process.

For some background, a jailbreak typically allows users to download and install unauthorized 3rd party software onto the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, allowing for customizations and a variety of tweaks. Jailbreaking is not the same as a carrier unlock, and thus it does not free up the ability to use an iPhone on another cellular provider. Assuming you know what you’re doing and know why you’re doing it, back up that iOS device, and have at it. Otherwise, just be happy with iOS as it is.

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