Remember those goofy VHS interactive video board games they had back in the early 90s? I had one, based on Star Trek: The Next Generation. It came out in 1993, so you can pick one up from eBay for about $ 24 these days. I remember being just super excited that I could play a board game and fake-interact with klingons on the television set, remote in hand to pause, fast forward, and rewind as the board game told me what to do.

Imagine my surprise now when I can have a party at my house with up to 15 iOS device owners, playing a drawing charades game on a huge flat screen TV with nothing but a tiny computer that everyone brought into the house with them, their fingers, and a tiny hockey-puck sized device connected to the television. Now that would feel like science-fiction.

Draw-It, Push-It, a new game for iOS devices, purports to do just that.

You can download the game software, Draw-It, Push-It, for your own iOS device for $ 2.99, while up to 14 other of your friends can download the free controller software, Push-It, for free for their own iOS devices. You can all then connect via Apple TV (or HDMI if you have a connector) and play the Pictionary-style game together on the big screen TV in the living room.

When you’ve finished drawing all those wacky pictures and beating your friends, you can post the best and worst drawings from the game to Facebook and Twitter for even more bragging rights.

Developer Redwind Software hopes to bring even more family living room games with a series of buzzer-based titles, including quizzes, game shows, and the like. Can you imagine a giant screen version of You Don’t Know Jack? I know I can.

“The days of traditional console gaming are coming to a close, to be replaced with connected TV experiences,” said CEO Conor Winders in an email to Cult of Mac today, “so we are delighted and proud to be releasing Draw-It, Push-It, a first of a kind game that shows a glimpse of where our gaming future is taking us.”

The game comes with over 400 words to draw for the initial purchase price, with specific topical word packs like Movies, Sports, and Places available as in-app purchases. The game supports Apple’s Game Center leader boards and achievements as well.

Source: Push-It Website

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