Three-hundred dollars for an iOS application? I don’t think I’ve ever paid more than $10 for an App. has put together a list of the most expensive iPad apps. Thinking about it clogs the arteries of my frugal heart. Also, it made me wonder whats the most members of the ModMyi community have paid for an iOS app? My Favorites: Becker’s 2011 CPA Mobile Flashcards for iPad $299.99- Ever dream of becoming a Certified Public accountant? Having trouble passing the Uniform CPA Examination iDIA Diagnostic Imaging Atlas (Equine) $349.99- For the equine obsessed, and veterinarians. MobilecamViewer $349.99- A necessity for the more paranoid home owners, and business owners. MobileCamViewer lets the user view six cams at any one time. Personally I’d use this to see who keeps stealing the weekly ad inserts from my Sunday newspaper. BarMax CA and BarMax NY $999.99- The Bar exam sucks. Study for it in different states sucks even more. Harvard Lawyers teamed up with a few tip iPad developers to produce this Bar Exam studying app. I can’t believe applications cost this much. Fully featured design, and 3-D rendering applications for Windows and OS X don’t cost this much. I bought the complete Adobe Creative Suite for less than some of these apps. The programs needed to create these apps, cost less than the apps themselves. Head on over to and check out the rest of the list. As well as all the other expensive crap most of us will likely never be able to own. Or maybe a lot of people own gold plated and diamond encrusted iPads.

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