The psychedelic Whale Trail for iOS has been updated with 32 brand new levels and more power-ups. As the lead developer of Whale Trail told us in a recent interview, the popular App Store game now includes a second Challenge Pack called “Baron’s Revenge.” Among other additions, players can now keep progress synced across multiple devices. The new levels in Whale Trail 1.2 will take you to the dark side. Now that’s what we’re talking about! Two new power-ups have been added to the mix: Cloud Mines and Blubble Magnets (yes, they are called “blubble”). You will be able to use these power-ups to escape the dark clutches of Baron von Barry. Cloud Mines explode surrounding Thunder Bros and Blubble Magnets help you stay in the air by collecting nearby bubbles. Gameplay in Classic Endless Mode has also been updated and you can finally tweet your high scores (like Temple Run). The new Challenge Pack takes you out of Rainbow Land into the dark kingdom of the Thunder Bros. If you can survive each level, you’ll unlock new achievements and stars. Whale Trail is available as a universal download in the App Store for $ 0.99.  

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