With five days to go, the MiDock Kickstarter project has just been funded for it’s £7,000 asking price, and with good reason. This brushed aluminum, glass bead blasted, anodized metal unibody iPhone 5 dock looks like it could have come out of the design work of Apple itself.

For the £34 (a bit over $ 50) asking price, you can get any of the colors of MiDock now as a reward for pledging to the Kickstarter project.

Coming in purple, green, black, or Macintosh-like silver, the MiDock is a single piece of aluminum that’s been machined to a high quality specification. You slide your iPhone 5 Lightning cable up through the hole in the docking area, twist, and then lock it in place with a twisting bolt. This will let the miDock work with anything from a naked iPhone 5 to one in a much thicker casing.


There are micro suction cups on the bottom, to let the MiDock stay put when you disconnect your iPhone 5, and the hollow unibody construction will help resonate your iPhone’s speakers, giving it just a bit of an extra sound boost. They’re even making one to fit the iPhone 4 or 4S.

The MiDock should ship in April for early backers, and May for all the rest of us. The company is located in the UK, so shipping outside of that fair country will set you back an extra £10. Head on over to the project page now to pledge your support, which amounts to basically purchasing one before they hit retail.

Source: Kickstarter

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