Paper. Ugh. Whenever somebody hands me a business card, a flyer or forces me to use a printer boarding pass sigh, my shoulders drop a little and I weep for the short-sighted idiots behind these backward-looking incidents. Usually I just snap a photo with my iPadís camera and recycle the offending ex-tree. But sometimes all I need is a to copy a few lines of info. This is, I guess, where the Radiul Mobile comes in. Itís a paper holder for your iPad, notebook or netbook. The design is simple: an anodized aluminum block has a pair of legs covered in tiny suction cups to hold it to either the iPadís screen bezels or the back of a notebook screen. The aluminum block has a curve sliced into it where you slot the paper, and the paper, thus curved, stands up by itself without any supports. Ingenious, and Ė if you regularly need to copy details from paper Ė essential. Thereís also a desktop version available, but as this actually sits on the table instead of up on the screen, it mighnít be so handy. The Radiul is a Kickstarter project which will cost you around $ 45 (itíll be $ 50 when it goes on general sale). It might be worth that much just to straighten out the crick in your neck. Source: Kickstarter Thanks: Adam!  

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