Ray-Ban, the sunglasses company, has a rather neat take on Instagram-style retrification filters. Instead of releasing yet another photo-filtering app, Ray-Ban’s Ambermatic actually shoots your photos through a real pair of Ambermatic shades.

The app, which launched last year, sends your photos off through the ether to arrive in the Ray-Ban store in London. There, your picture is displayed and then photographed through a pair of Ambermatic sunglasses using a proper camera, before being returned, a short while later, to your waiting iPhone.

The app is a promo for the sunglasses, which you will be familiar with from movies about serial killers. It is also a great reminder that you can use pretty much anything as a photo filter, as long as enough light can get through it.

I have so far shot one picture through the London lenses. And what did I do with it? Why, I posted it to Instagram, of course!

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Via: DesignTAXI

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