Redownload and reinstall iOS apps You can redownload and reinstall any previously purchased apps that have since been deleted from an iOS device, even if you deleted them a long time ago or never even installed them in the first place. Here is how:
    1. Launch “App Store” on the iOS device
    2. Tap on the “Purchased” tab at the bottom of the screen (iPhone & iPod users tap “Updates” and then “Purchased”)
List Purchased Apps in iOS for redownloading
    1. Tap “Not On This iPad” or “Not On This iPhone” to see the list of apps that are not installed on the device
    2. Find the app you wish to redownload and reinstall and tap the download icon, it’s a cloud with an arrow on it
Redownload and reinstall apps in iOS This is what you’d do if you want to reinstall an app you deleted to quickly free up some space on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod that has run out of storage capacity. Likewise, this is the same procedure to restore an app that was accidentally deleted. Another side to this is you can download and install apps you bought or owned on a different iOS device onto a new different one. All of this is possible thanks to the generous App Store policy that lets you buy an app once and then have free recurring downloads available for free, as long as it’s on an authorized device using the same Apple ID.

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