What’s in a name? If you’re Nick Cool, then it’s THE TRUTH. And Nick’s cool photo hack totally proves it.

One day, it seems that Nick was staring at his sink, perhaps in a fuzzy daze as he waited for his coffee to brew. His eyes presumably were drawn, like all kitchen detritus, towards the filthy plughole.

Most of us would see a future chore, to be added to the long list of other things we’ll put off until somebody more conscientious takes care of them. Nick, however, saw an opportunity. A Photo Op, if you like.

Nick’s cool hack involves little more than drilling some extra holes in one of those stainless steel sink-hole protectors, an old filter with the glass popped out and a camera. And yes, you’ll need a DSLR or mirrorless camera for this, unless you have a tiny sinkhole protector from a building made for ants.

And that’s it. The new “filter” blocks a lot of light, but amazingly the camera still gets enough to make a whole picture. A whole picture with cool, out-of-focus highlights and other grungy artifacts.

You don’t even need to get as fancy as Nick to do this hack – a piece of cardboard with holes in would do the trick equally well, and would leave your plughole mercifully protected.

Source: DIYPhotography.net

Via: PetaPixel

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