Reply to an incoming phone call with a text message

The iPhone gained a handy feature with iOS 6 that allows you to quickly respond to an incoming phone call with a preset text message. This is a perfect solution if you’re busy in a meeting, classroom, driving, or in any other situation where you can’t take a phone call, but the caller is important enough to let them know they’ll be contacted as soon as possible.

To set the automatic reply messages, do the following on an iPhone:

  • Open “Settings” and choose “Phone” followed by “Reply with Message”
  • Enter customized text replies of your own or follow Apple’s examples, then exit out of Settings when finished

You can have up to three preconfigured messages.

Set Reply with Message for incoming iPhone calls

With the automatic replies set, you’ll be able to use the feature the next time a phone call comes in by doing the following:

  • Swipe up on the phone indicator to open a call options menu and tap “Reply with Message”
  • Select the desired automatic reply to send it as an SMS or iMessage

This is a much better solution than just sending callers to voicemail, ignoring calls, or muting them as they come in.

Thanks for the tip Ryan

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