With CloudPaste, you can copy something on one device, and paste it on another one; all with iCloud.

How would you like it if you could copy something from one device and paste it on another? Not only iDevices, but your Mac too!? With this new jailbreak tweak dubbed CloudPaste, by�Florian Denis, you can do just that.

CloudPaste uses Apple’s very own iCloud to keep a constant availability in the background of everything that you copy and paste on your devices. Since your clipboard on all of your devices is shared over iCloud, Apple’s own online server, you do not need to be on the same network as the devices that you are sharing with. To use this feature on your Mac (yes, Mac; this is not Windows-compatible) you will need to download the CloudPaste application from�this link�and install it. It will put a pair of open scissors in your status bar that looks pretty nice. You can manage the settings of CloudPaste from that application. If you don’t have a Mac, don’t worry! You can still use CloudPaste for only your iDevices. If you do install it on your Mac, it will look like this:

As far as the actual app functionality goes, the first picture pretty much explains it. It’s good for doing something on one device and picking up on another. It’s also good if you need to transfer a tid bit of information from one device to the other (like .plist settings). It’s very useful in my opinion. There are no options to configure, “it just works.”

I talked to the developer, Florian Denis, about CloudPaste and also had the chance to learn a little about him:

Anthony: In about a paragraph, can you tell us a little about yourself? You can include how you became a developer, your educational goals, or anything about yourself that you wish to share.
Florian: As of me, I started coding when I was pretty young but I’ve been concentrating on the Mac platform (and iOS, later) since 2009. Developing is a great process because it allows you to make things entirely from scratch, and I love being able to do that, to put bits of code together to make a fairly complete application. I am currently studying among other things Computer Science (I also do quite a lot of Math and Economics) and I wish that one day I will have the chance to work in one of the few companies that make our technological world better.�

Anthony: What gave you the idea to make CloudPaste?
Florian: The idea was given to me by a random person (I don’t remember who) on Twitter, who tweeted something like, “Just copied on my iPhone and tried to paste on my Mac, iCloud is growing on me.” I remember that the very moment I read the tweet I thought, “There is room for a nice app here!”

Anthony: What are the handy uses for CloudPaste?
Florian: CloudPaste is very handy for whoever works both on the iPad and the Mac at the same time, which is my case, because it obviously make you forget about the constraints of using one particular device. You see a nice picture on safari on your Mac and you want to add it to the mail you’re writing on your iPad? Just copy and paste without worrying. But, it also comes very handy when, say, you are reading an eBook on the iPad, and you see a very insightful sentence. You can just copy it, and paste it right on your iPhone to text someone about it.�

Anthony: Why should the Modmyi readers buy CloudPaste?
Florian: I believe CloudPaste comes in handy in a lot of situations and a lot of people will appreciate it. There is little doubt it will be found somewhere on a pirate repo soon, but if you want to support independent developers, please consider buying it. If you think 2.49$ is too much, donate a smaller amount, I can understand that people sometimes have financial problems. But every work should be remunerated and you won’t like people to use your work for free.

This is a pretty cool tweak. I applaud Florian for his hard work.

Developer:�Florian Denis
Editor’s Rating:�????/? 4.5/5

You can read more about it on the developer’s Web Site,�here.

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Sources:Florian Denis


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