All devices loaded with Siri and Spire alike have the ability to use Siri dictation. Siri dictation is a keyboard key that has a microphone on it and can be tapped to activate the function where speaking will allow the device to write out whatever it is that you say. There are only two main problems with this – not everyone uses it and it makes the space key smaller. iOS developer r_plus has released a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed NoDictation that will disable the Siri dictation key on the keyboard and thus disable Siri dictation entirely. Since Siri dictation shrinks the space bar, the feature makes it more difficult to comfortably use the space key with your left hand, as you have to reach over further with your left thumb. People that don’t use the feature find it to be annoying because it’s just an extra bell or whistle in their face that they never want to use. The feeling is similar to having software on your PC that you know you will never use and want to uninstall. While the tweak disables the Siri dictation feature of your iOS device, it doesn’t disable the Siri functionality entirely – in other words, you can still invoke Siri by holding down on the home button even though the Siri dictation key is missing from your keyboard. This will allow you to use Siri to make your queries as usual. Siri can already be disabled from the Settings application if you don’t like using her. NoDictation doesn’t have any options to configure from the Settings application and you will have to uninstall the jailbreak tweak in order to re-enable the Siri dictation key on your keyboard. The tweak does require iOS 5.1 or higher to install even though Siri is present on iOS 5.0 and newer iOS devices. Be sure to try it if you hate using Siri dictation. Name: NoDictation Price: FREE Verison: 0.0.1-1 Requirements: iOS 5.1+, Siri functionality Repo: BigBoss Developer: r_plus Editor’s Rating: ??? 3/5 Sources: r_plus  

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