Fearing the fury of your boss after a really crappy�performance isn’t unique to any profession. No one wants to make the big kahuna angry, and see them go nuts. Samsung’s executives tried to take the “maybe the chairman won’t be so mad if we wait a few days to tell him the bad news” approach. It didn’t work.

Last Friday, Samsung received the verdict that Apple won the patent lawsuit in the U.S., but top executives at the company waited four days before telling the company chairman Lee Kun-hee�the bad news because they were afraid how he might react. Apparently, he freaked out a bit.

The Korea Times reports that after he heard the bad news Samsung’s highest ranking executive officer, got pretty upset, and had to be calmed down.

“The chairman calmed down and slightly closed his eyes after he was briefed. But he didn’t say anything further.”

What he did and said before he had to be calmed down is anyone’s guess. What do you think the Chairman said to his executive team? Maybe they’re punishment was something more severe than a physical beating. Maybe he forced them to listen to One Direction for seven hours straight. I dunno. I just wish I was in that meeting to witness the verbal lashing he probably gave them.

Source: Korea Times
Via: Forbes

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