Samsung recently released a Samsung ad that seems to be heavily influenced by the many Apple commercials before it. It isn’t only the overall look and feel which Samsung seemed to have copied this time though. The company ended up removing the ad after Google+ user Cheryl Lindo Jones discovered that the ad uses the same actress as an iPhone 4S advertisement. You can take a look at the two commercials below and get a feel for the similarities that are apparent. Apple Advertisement Samsung Advertisement Turns out both advertisements feature the same girl throughout testing the features of each device in a similar manner. After taking the video down, Samsung still hasn’t commented on the reason behind why the video was removed from their YouTube channel. The advertisement was for their Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets, which received considerable attention for mocking iPhone users in their previous advertisements. It appears that Samsung continuing their anti-Apple campaign, previously showing the “Cutting Edge vs. Old School” advertisement on the U.S. Facebook page, where it showed an iPhone in the “old school category’ along with an 80s era cellphone and two cans attached with a string. Another recent ad turned to the line-waiting concept starting with a Galaxy S II user asking iPhone fanboys: “You guys are still here?” The advertisement then continued to compare cloud services on the two devices boasting about features on the Samsung phone. The two tech giants have been tangled in legal cases for months in several countries abroad related to Apple’s claims that Samsung “slavishly” copied the design of the iPad with their Galaxy Tab. Many more cases have come up as well such as the recent case with Samsung copying theSmart Cover as well. If you haven’t already, take a look at the commercials and tell us what you think below! Source: The Next Web  

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