A recently published report outlines a recent interview with Samsung’s marketing chief who explains the thought process behind the South Korean competitor’s anti-Apple campaign. It also details the company’s plans to win over the minds of consumers worldwide. During the Consumer’s Electronics Show in January, AllThingsD sat down and spoke with Younghee Lee, Samsung’s head of marketing, and found out that the company is seeking to create a brand status similar to Apple’s in order to boost their sales. Lee, who is a former employee of the cosmetics brand L’Oreal and Lancome, discussed that customers should be obsessed not only with Samsung’s products, which include the Galaxy line of Android smartphone sand tablets, but with the company itself. Samsung was to build a base of repeat customers who make purchases not only based on features alone but also on brand loyalty, much like Apple. The company seems to be striving to gain Apple’s level of success, which isn’t surprising given the Cupertino, California company’s record-setting performance last quarter. The recent Samsung TV ads are crafted to try and create that image as they make overtly aggressive statements as the company showcases features the Galaxy S II has that the iPhone 4S does not. The commercials also take many jabs at Apple customers, portraying them as hipsters who enjoy waiting on large lines for hardware that is “old school.” Lee however, didn’t make any mention of a direct attack against Apple and instead seemed to be focused on how she saw a large potential to invoke emotion from her company’s device by interpreting “difficult technology” into “consumer languages,” or non-technical terminology. Her way of thinking seemed to be accepted and now Samsung is focusing on the relationship customers have with their mobile products instead of running adds that just spout out tech specs and a laundry list of features. After seeing all the commercials, it was interesting to read more about Samsung’s point of view. Share any thoughts and opinions below! Source: AllThingsD  

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