Get native music sharing in the Music app with Scale on your jailbroken iPhone.

SAN FRANCISCO, JailbreakCon 2012 — Apple has Twitter and Facebook integration in iOS 6, but for some reason you can’t easily share the music you’re listening to with friends. Apple has never been great at social music discovery (just ask Ping), but it’s surprising that there’s still no sharing integration in the native Music app. Sometimes you just want to tweet a song you’re enjoying or email the track listing to a loved one. That’s where Scale, a new jailbreak tweak for the iPhone, comes in.

Unveiled by Joshua Tucker at JailbreakCon, Scale adds a new button in the Music app for sharing your tunes over Twitter, Facebook, email, or iMessage.

Like Emblem and Merge, Tucker’s Scale tweak is super easy to use. It almost feels like Apple designed it. After installing Scale in Cydia, pop into the music app and start playing a track. You’ll notice a new share button at the top right. Tap it, and you’ll have the option to share what you’re listening to over Twitter, Facebook, email, or iMessage. There’s also a nifty “Add to playlist” option for creating playlists on the fly.

Scale feels very slick and Apple-like. Once you install it, you’ll feel like it always belonged there. The tweak requires iOS 5 or higher, and Facebook sharing is only available on iOS 6. There are no settings to configure, and iPad compatibility is coming soon. Pick up Scale now in Cydia for free!

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