Have you given up on ever having Siri on your iPhone 4? Maybe you should reconsider… iOS 5.0.1 for iPhone 4S had a slight revision today (Build 9A406). It wasn’t a full blown update, but it was something that seemed to tweak iOS 5.0.1 a bit. It comes with some good news. Earlier today, MuscleNerd Tweeted on Twitter that a Siri port is now possible legally thanks to the fact that the new revised iOS 5.0.1 is now open and no longer locked down as it was in the previous release of iOS 5.0.1. What this means is that the files necessary are now out in the open and hackers don’t need to go through serious copyright problems digging in to use the core files. You can see MuscleNerd’s Tweet(s) below: Since the Ramdisks are no longer encrypted, iOS hackers now have the legal ability to grab the Siri files from an iPhone 4S. This makes an iPhone 4 Siri port possible without breaking any laws and additionally, it will put a smile on the face of anyone eagerly awaiting any kind of future Siri port. iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 3G users have been eagerly waiting for a Siri port on their iOS 5 device. The article written about Siri for the iPhone 4 here on Modmyi is perhaps one of the most viewed articles of the year – there’s no doubt that a lot of people want it. There have been several attempts to bring Siri to the iPhone 4 and other older devices, but it just hasn’t really worked out due to legal issues. We’ve been able to test out Siri wannabes such as H1Siri, Siri0us, and ESRA, however none of them have cut the cake well enough. H1Siri operates off of a non-trustworthy third party server, Siri0us is only Nuance dictation built into certain applications with annoying ads all over the place, and ESRA does a horrible job at detecting what you are saying. While the iPhone 4S has upgraded hardware that uses face distance technology to make Siri work as efficiently as possible and older iDevices do not, thanks to this open file system we might actually start seeing a legitimate Siri port sometime in the future with at least most of Siri’s functionality. Are you excited that a Siri port is now legal thanks to the open file system? Share what you think in the comments. Sources: Cult of Mac

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