Check out Adobe’s amazing new blur reduction tool. Likely coming to the next version of Photoshop, the feature examines your shaky photo, analyses just how badly you screwed it up and applies a fix to clear things up again.

The video below shows a quick look at it in action.


It looks like the feature isn’t too far off now. Today Adobe released the above video that offers a sneak peek at what the tool actually looks like inside an upcoming version of Photoshop. Just as with the demo from two years ago, this video will drop many jaws.

Amazing. It won’t beat actually holding your camera steady, or using a higher shutter speed when you snap a picture, but if you find that you have to common problem of the best photo in a set also being the only blurred one, this new feature will help you out.

Expect to see it shown off, along with other new Adobe tech, at the upcoming MAX event in May.

Source: PetaPixel

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