Path Update

Path is a social network for our more private groups of friends and family, distinguishing itself from services like Facebook and Twitter in two ways. One, it’s not on any website, as it’s only accessible from your iPhone or iPad. Two, while it can be connected to those services, it does not have to, allowing you to keep things as private as you’d like, depending on the number of people you invite to the service as connections.

The new update, which went live just a few minutes ago, brings a new option to the app settings, allowing you to hide yourself in global search, which will keep even your friends from finding you or your activities if you don’t connect to them directly. This seems like a direct move to help Path feel more private, adding to a previous update, which brought private messaging (and stickers) to the app itself.

Which is honestly a good thing, as Path has a bad reputation among some users, as the social service got caught storing all of its users’ contacts on internal servers without disclosing that fact last year, and continued to have similar problems this past week.

That doesn’t seem to bother too many folks, or it’s not as widely known, as Path just celebrated surpassing 10 million users.

In addition to today’s privacy and global search update, Path inclued the ability to add titles to group chats by tapping the names above those conversations, as well as the requisite performance enhancements and bug fixes. Version 3.0.4 is live and in the App Store now. March saw the release of version 3.0.2, which included the above mentioned stickers and private messaging, while an April update brought hashtag support to the social networking app.

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