Despite the Labor Day holiday in the US today, the tech rumor mill certainly didn’t take a day off Monday as a full slate of reports and speculations have pelted the blogosphere since sunrise. The latest reports we’re hearing today suggest that Sprint has begun installing cellular repeaters in Apple Stores, the freshest clue in the all but officially confirmed reality that Sprint will carry the iPhone this fall in the US. According to a source from Austin, Texas that has been in communication with BeatWeek, at least one Apple Retail store is on the confirmed list as far as retail locations where a Sprint cellular repeater is installed. “One thing I can tell you is that the electrical contractor that I work for is contracted to install Sprint repeaters at The Domain,” the source reveals. “There is a Apple Store at The Domain. One of the repeaters is to be installed INSIDE the Apple Store. There is to be a total of 5 repeaters installed. The equipment is CDMA and 4G (Sprint).” If this report and others like it are accurate, Apple obviously wants iPhone 5 buyers “to put the device through its paces on the Sprint network” while they are still in the store. Fewer than 24 hours after the Verizon iPhone was announced in January, rumors surfaced that “Sprint was next.” If this eventuality ultimately befalls us, Apple will have extended its carrier reach from just AT&T to AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint all within a twelve month period. What about T-Mobile, you ask? If AT&T’s bid for the carrier is ultimately allowed, you can bet the iPhone will soon thereafter be available on the four largest wireless networks in the US. Of course, for the time being, that reality isn’t guaranteed by any stretch of the imagination. Source: Beatweek

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