When Sprint gets the iPhone 5 next month, expect it to differentiate itself from Verizon and AT&T with a truly unlimited data plan. Better? Unlimited data might not just be a bait-and-switch tactic to get new customers, quickly phased out in favor of 2GB data plans, but a permanent incentive to sign up with Sprint.


Bloomberg reports:

Sprint, the third-largest U.S. wireless carrier, plans to begin selling the device in mid-October under a deal with Apple for the next model, the iPhone 5, said the people, who wouldn�t be identified because the plans aren�t public. Becoming the country�s only operator to offer the device with unlimited data service for a flat fee may help Sprint draw customers from AT&T and Verizon Wireless, which already carry the phone, they said.

Sprint already offers unlimited data plans for a number of its smartphones, and its subsidiary, Virgin Mobile USA, offers unlimited text and data plans (without a contract) for as little as $ 35 a month.

Granted, if Sprint finds that its network is hammered when the iPhone 5 comes out, I�m sure they�ll institute 2GB caps just like Verizon and AT&T have done� but right now, Sprint�s got a solid history of sticking by its unlimited data offerings, and there�s every reason to think they�ll continue to do so when the iPhone 5 comes out. That�s a pretty strong incentive to switch to Sprint in October, in my book.

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