Square updated their mobile payment application to version 2.2 today, and with it added two huge features giving the Square the ability to replace every small business cash register. The first feature allows merchants to create opt-in customer loyalty programs. These programs allow merchants to track repeat visitors and offer them incentives. Incentives can be awarded base on the total number of purchases the customer has made within an allotted time period or once they reach a certain dollar amount. The choice is up to the merchant. Customers will be able to see the discounts within the Card Case app. The other feature’s Square added tie the old to the new. Square added support for wireless cash drawers as well as receipt printers. The cash drawer will open when the merchant taps tender. The new Square app also includes an improved sales history search allowing merchants to search for older transactions and even resend receipts to customers over email. Square has consistently added features to their mobile payment solution, giving those with storefronts even more flexibility with their customer interactions. With nearly $11 million payments processed each day, Square wont be going away anytime soon. $100 million raised in a recent round of funding will help too. Source: Square  

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