Starbucks has launched a new iPhone app for the holidays that gives customers special offers and deals on the drinks we all crave. Not only that, but the Starbucks Cup Magic app also lets you play with augmented reality by tracking and taking pictures of special Starbucks characters. Users can also send a Starbucks Card “eGift” to loved ones.
Let’s bring the season to life with the Starbucks Cup Magic app! Use the app to find and scan all five Starbucks Holiday Characters – on Red Cups, Christmas Blend bags, in-store and more – and watch as they magically come to life through augmented reality on your mobile device. Who knows what holiday magic you’ll discover… The app will also keep you up-to-date on the latest holiday offers and events from Starbucks. And when the holidays are over you’ll be prompted to install an updated edition just in time for some Valentine fun.
The silliest thing about Starbucks’s new app is the Experience section. Starbucks encourages you to find its holiday characters on its cups, bags, and in its stores. You scan the characters with the iPhone’s camera and the app “brings the characters to life” with some animation. This may be a fun thing for the kids, but adults should find it to be pretty silly. The real draw of the app is the ability to gift Starbucks treats to friends in-app. Up to date holiday offers will likely keep Starbucks addicts satisfied.

Starbucks Cup Magic is available for free in the App Store.

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