Keeping up with your popularity  in the digital age is exhausting. You have to switch to Instagram to see if people think you’re artsy. Then open to Twitter to see if anyone’s retweeted your joke from an hour ago. And then you gotta make sure people are reading your blog so you open up Google Analytics.

Once you’ve finally made the loop through all the apps you’re ready to start over again, but a new app called Static for iOS is ready to make all that stat checking a whole lot easier for you by giving you all your social networking stats on one easy to read screen.

Static is a simple and effective way for social networking fiends to keep up with how their content is performing in their favorite social streams. Right now you can add accounts from Twitter, Instagram, Google Analytics, GitHub, and Dribble to the service with more coming in the future.

Once an account is added to Static it will appear on the main screen where you can see how many followers you have, number of people you’re following, total numbers of tweet/photos, visitors, etc.

The app is gorgeous and simple and for only $ 0.99 it might be worth it to give it a try so you can indulge your narcissism and get back to the real world quicker.


Source: iTunes

Via: AppAdvice

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