This video of Steve Jobs from 1990 is an interesting artifact for a couple of reasons. For one thing, itís the clip in which Steve pioneered his famous ďbicycle for the mindĒ analogy, which Iíve always felt is one of the most beautiful things ever said about computers. What is also interesting, though, is how gung ho Steve Jobs is about video games in this clip, even going as far as to suggest that video games are the future of learning, and even the future of the Library of Congress.   Whatís odd about this is that both Steve Jobs and Apple were fairly hostile to gaming on the Mac and even iOS until the iPod touch and the App Store showed them how lucrative it could be. Now iOS is the biggest handheld gaming platform in the world, but it wasnít always that way, and Apple for years could literally have not given two figs for gaming. In light of this, Steve Jobsís perspective on gaming makes a lot more sense after watching this clip. He sees interactive simulation to be a key to learning, but not shooting aliens on Strogos. As such, the iPad is really the complete fulfillment of his dream for the computer as a gaming platform, isnít it? [via Mactrast]

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