Today Adobe unveiled Carousel, a new service for the Mac and iOS that lets photographers access and edit their photos in the cloud on all devices. With Carousel, Adobe is trying to make the problem of photo management disappear.
“Have you ever gotten frustrated trying to keep track of the photos stashed on all of the devices that you and your family own? Adobe Carousel gives you a new way to enjoy your photos, making all of them available across your Mac and iOS devices, so you can browse, enhance, and share them easily. No manual syncing, no storage limits, no differences in what photos are available to you. Your photography is everywhere you are.”
Adobe will be releasing an app in the App Store for the iPhone and iPad, as well as an app in the Mac App Store. Windows and Android platforms will also be getting their own Carousel clients. The editing features in Carousel are the same as Lightroom, which means that you’ll essentially have Lightroom on your iPad. You can store unlimited photos on Adobe’s servers that can be accessed and edited from all of the Carousel apps. Carousel will be a subscription service, costing $ 59.99/year, or $ 5.99/month for the introductory price.
“Anyone subscribing at that price will be able to renew at that same price for an additional two years. At the conclusion of the introductory offer, Adobe Carousel will be US$ 99.99/year or US$ 9.99/month.”
Adobe plans to release the apps later this month for customers. For more information, see Adobe’s product page.

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