Mother’s Day is in just a few days, and if your way of saying “I love you” is gadgetry, then T-Mobile thinks they have the perfect gift for you by heavily promoting its deal to get an iPhone for $ 0 down.

The deal has been running since April 12th, when the carrier rebranded itself as “The Uncarrier”. T-Mobile will ramp up the promotion by displaying prominent ads Mother’s Day iPhone 5 ads in the top 20 markets, along with 3 National ads in USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times.

T-Mobile’s Trade-In promotion allows customers to purchase an iPhone 5 with $ 0 down, by trading in an older iPhone. New and existing customers can trade in an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S and get some cash back to help lower the cost of the iPhone 5 so that you have a $ 0 down payment. You also get your monthly payment decreased from 20 bucks down to 15.

To get your trade-in value for the iPhone 4 or 4S your device must power on, not have a cracked screen, and there can be no other liquid damage or physical damage. They’ll even take Verizon CDMA iPhones along with GSM iPhones.

If you’ve got an older iPhone that’s in decent shape and you’ve been thinking of switching carriers or upgrading, T-Mobile wouldn’t be a bad choice. You can get the offer at any company owned T-Mobile store until June 16th.


Source: TmoNews

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