iPhone rolling shutter effect • by PixelCrumpler http://bit.ly/pEEDTe

If you’re a member of the Mile High Club, chances are that you own an iPhone. A new report from AllThingsD says that two-thirds of Gogo in-flight WiFi users favor the iPhone as their browsing device of choice. 20% of mobile WiFi usage is attributed to the iPod touch, while Android only accounts for 12%. RIM’s Blackberry accounts for only 6% of airline WiFi usage, while Windows Phone, webOS, and other platforms don’t even claim enough of a percentage to mention. Gogo’s numbers don’t reflect the iPad, mainly because the device is considered a “computer” on commercial flights. The iPad still accounts for one-third of “large screens” using Gogo WiFi on flights. The Mac accounts for about 20% of computer usage. Smartphone users pay a max of $ 7.95 for in-flight WiFi from Gogo, while Mac and and PC users pay an upwards of $ 12.95. Hopefully these rates will be lowered as in-flight WiFi becomes more of a commodity and less of a luxury.

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