I hate camera straps. I’m forever taking one off and threading another one through the camera’s eyelets or hooking up some device to the tripod screw or just wrapping a neck strap around my wrist. For something that’s so simple, and has been around for so long, the camera strap sure is a badly-designed piece of junk.

The Leash, on the other hand (or other shoulder), is an attempt to combine all straps ever into one ultra-versatile sling. Does it work? Let’s see.

The Leash is based around kevlar and resin “anchors,” little strings with buttons which connect to the strap itself. These anchors clip into the corresponding slots on the strap-ends and form a sturdy, secure tether.

Better than that, the strap can be doubled in length, letting even a tall person like me sling the thing across his strong, muscular chest to hang the camera itself down by his well-developed yet slim hip.

There is also another, smaller strap called the Cuff, which lets you hook the Anchors to your wrist. You’ll still have dangling ends to deal with when your straps aren’t in use, but at least they have cute buttons at their ends.

And now the bad news: the Leash, the Anchors and the Cuff are a Kickstarter project, with all the pitching and waiting that that entails. Still, the projected price is right: $ 25 (ish) for the strap and anchors, or $ 40 if you want the whole shebang.

Source: [Kickstarter](http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/97103764/leash-by-peak-design?utm_source=planet5D&utm_campaign=planet5D&utm_medium=blog “Leash and Cuff, by Peak Design by Peter Dering — Kickstarter”)

Via: [PetaPixel](http://www.petapixel.com/2012/11/27/peak-design-unveils-leash-the-optimus-prime-of-camera-straps/ “Peak Design Unveils Leash, the Optimus Prime of Camera Straps”)

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