What I am about to share with you will likely blow your mind. It will change your perspective on the world forever, and give you a new understanding of the word “convergence.” Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the Lens Strap, a device which hovers uncertainly in the quantum foam between iPhoneography accessories and collars for poodles from Beverly Hills.

I warned you.

Yank this candy-colored strip of faux leather over the head of Sir Prancelot the Pekinese and stretch it around your iPhone, and you’ll see that its pastel-shaded “jewels” are in fact colored windows which can be aligned with the iPhone’s camera to act as filters. The various shapes will vignette the images in different ways, further Instagrammaticalizing the results, or you can opt for plain old circular holes (boring).

What’s more, the Lens Strap costs just about the same as the rest of the crappy plastic jewelry your daughters insist on you buying for them at the mall every weekend: $ 10. You can even pick the color!

(Warning: Do not ever put this around a dog’s neck. Or a human’s wrist for that matter).

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Thanks: Kevin!

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