If you thought the iPad was impressive, perhaps you would be blown away by the new Dunder Mifflin-Sabre tablet dubbed “The Pyramid.” The newest tablet on the block is large but not more than three pounds – assuming, of course, you take a pass on the battery and optional “memory booster.” Unfortunately for those of you who were legitimately excited by the above description (and if you were, please seek help) the Pyramid is a work of fiction introduced to viewers last night on a hilarious new episode of The Office. On the show, character Dwight Schrute shows off the awkward-shaped tablet to what at first appears to be a brood of unconvinced onlookers. “Why is it shaped like that?” Phyllis inquires. “So you can tell your client: ‘Unleash the power of the Pyramid,'” Dwight replies. But before the brief presentation had concluded, at least one member of the audience was ready to give the Pyramid a try – a subtle jab at the overzealous early adopters of any device that fits in the tablet category no matter how ridiculous or inadequate the product proves to be. In case you missed the episode, check out the brief clip below and behold the mighty Pyramid   

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