Why bizarrely cool? Forget that itís an app-enhanced fitness gadget that sands data to your iPhone; sure, thatís neat, but there are a stack of devices out there doing the same thing. No, Scoscheís little myTREK fitness gadget is that nifty because it tracks bio data using a method straight out of the future ó it uses light beams. Using a pair of LEDs and a photo sensor, it tracks minute changes in blood flow to calculate your heart rate (traditional heart-rate monitors use an electrode ó usually in the form of a chest strap). Itís also equipped with an accelerometer to help measure calories burned, and apparently to further help with accuracy. Also different is the way the unit communicates with the iPhone. Most current setups need an ANT+ dongle attached to the phone, which transmits data over 2.4 GHz radio frequency; but the myTREK†communicates with the iPhone via Bluetooth ó no dongle to worry about losing. The accompanying app looks pretty cool too; no sign of a Mac-side desktop companion to the app though. MyTREK is $ 130 and available now from Apple stores, 24-Fitness gyms and directly from Scosche.

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