We say “might,” because we haven’t tested it yet; but sandwiched between the hard exterior shell of Incase’s new Chisel case and the iPhone it protects is a second, soft case with a secret ingredient called Poron XRD — a material we’ve found almost unbelievably excellent at absorbing impact energy.

The Chisel’s secret sauce is cool, but it also has another trick that lets you remove the hard, outer half of the case and use just the Poron XRD softshell. And frankly — based on the nasty ways we’ve unsuccessfully tried to break an iPad wrapped in Poron XRD — that really may be all you’d need.

The case has siblings. The Chisel is $ 35, and actually the middle child of the iPhone 5-branch of Incase’s SYSTM line. At that price, it’s definitely the killer deal of the trio.

If that’s not enough case for you, the $ 50 Vise includes a detachable belt holster with rotating clip. Or there’s the $ 30 Hammer which ditches the two-layer system for lighter weight and with beefy protection just at the corners.

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