During the last decade of his fabled run as chief executive officer of Apple, the late Steve Jobs often faced biting criticisms in the press and from others in business and technology for not being more outwardly philanthropic. In other words, Steve Jobs didn’t flaunt his charitable gestures as ostentatiously as his many of his contemporaries had. As a result, Jobs was labeled by some as a billionaire who turned his back on philanthropy. New Apple CEO Tim Cook, however, is coming to Jobs’ defense by speaking for the first time about Apple’s generosity toward its own employees and the world beyond. According to a report Thursday in The Verge, Cook’s town hall meeting last week brought forward numerous details that have previously never been exposed. Cook reportedly revealed that Apple has donated approximately $50 million to Stanford’s hospitals, “split into $25 million for a new main building and $25 million for a new children’s hospital.” Mr. Cook also dished on Apple being the “leading contributor” to Product RED, noting that Apple has coughed up another $50 million to help the effort since getting involved. While it isn’t known if it’s rumor or reality that Steve Jobs once said giving away money is “a waste of time,” Tim Cook is clearly taking Apple in a different philanthropic course. And it’s also becoming increasingly clear that Jobs wasn’t as miserly as critics alleged. Source:The Verge  

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