Transparent iPhone 5 wallpaper

Have you ever wished you had x-ray vision so you could peer right through the enclosure of your iPhone 5 to see the fancy hardware insides? Now you can pretend you’re Superman with the help of a snazzy transparent wallpaper pack from iFixIt, which shows you precisely what the internals of an iPhone 5 look like as if the icons and UI were just hovering over raw hardware.

You’ll notice over half of the inside of the iPhone is devoted to the battery, and the rest is chips, circuit boards, a heat shield over the processor, ribbon cables, and all the other good stuff you find if you crack open any iOS device.

If you don’t have an iPhone 5 yet, iFixIt has done this in the past with wallpapers for iMacs, iPads, and other iPhones too, each of which should strike your geek fancy.

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