New iPhone commercials

Apple has started running two new iPhone commercials, both follow the same word scramble and shout theme introduced by the recent iPad advertisements “Hollywood“, “Alive”, and “Together”.

The new commercials demonstrate many apps, including Gojee, Cards, Mike V: Skateboard Party, Starbucks, iBooks, MyScript Calculator, Philips Hue, GarageBand, The Elements for iPhone 4, Apple Maps, Infinity Blade 2, Cleartune, Solar Walk, iPhoto, Yelp, and Shazam, as noted by MacRumors. Perhaps the most interesting addition is at the end of the “Brilliant” commercial, where the iPhone is is shown adjusting the color hue of the rather fancy Philips Hue lightbulbs using the accompanying app.

Watch “Brilliant”:

Watch “Discover”:

Like many of Apple’s recent TV advertising efforts, the new spots are appearing to receive a divisive reaction, with people either loving or hating the new ‘shout’ style of commercials.

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