Foreign currency symbols can be accessed and typed iOS easily, all you need to do is be somewhere with keyboard access, and then do the following:

  • Tap “123″ and then hold down the “$ ” dollar sign to reveal the currency pop-up window

For the USA keyboard, this reveals the symbols for Yen, Euro, Dollar, Cent, British Pound, and the Korean Won, and the process is identical whether you’re on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Foreign currency symbols on the iPhone

Simple and intuitive, and in many ways this is easier than how it’s done on the Mac since you don’t have to remember any quirky keystrokes per symbol.

Add Additional Currency Symbols for Other Nations

Want to have access to more currency symbols for other nations? That’s easy, but you will need to add the keyboards for those respective countries, this is done by:

  • Go to Settings then tap on General, followed by “International”
  • Choose “Keyboard”, and then go to “Add New Keyboard” and locate the country whose currency you are looking to add to the list

Once the other nations keyboard has been added, you will need to toggle to that keyboard by hitting the little globe button on the keyboard, select the new keyboard layout, and it will appear in the same place as usual. You may find that other regional currencies are sometimes available as well, though Dollar and Euro seem to be accessible all the time regardless of the keyboard used. A nice side effect to adding international keyboards is gaining additional TLD’s for that nation or region as well.

Remember this the next time you’re traveling with an iPhone or iPad, though it’s also undoubtedly useful for expats, business people, accountants, and a million other situations where accessing other currencies is a necessity.

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