Talk about a gigantic Christmas present.

t was revealed Thursday that Gannett Co. – USA Today’s parent company – has placed a massive purchase with Apple to acquire “thousands” of iPhone 4S and iPad units for the company’s army of journalists – employees who increasingly depend on tools enabling the real-time production of news content.

“We�re excited to announce a significant investment in our newsgathering tools,” a leaked memo from Gannett shows. “This week, we have purchased thousands of new devices for many of our journalists. These include: iPhone 4S and related accessories such as microphones to enhance audio for video; iPad2s and lightweight Netbooks; MiFi wireless internet hotspots or tethering via the iPhone; Microphones, cables and other accessories.”

The memo indicates that the equipment in question will begin arriving in January with training to commence shortly thereafter. “In the next few weeks, each publisher and editor will receive specific guidance on how the equipment will be distributed,” the memo concluded.

For Apple, the purchase is particularly important in light of how major news organizations now view iDevices as integral instruments necessary to produce news content in the modern world.

Source:�Gannett Blog


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