Secondary Cut and Paste function in Mac OS X Mac OS X has a secondary Cut and Paste function that provides the ability to cut and paste additional information without overwriting existing clipboard contents. Highlight something and use the following keystrokes:
  • Control+K cuts the content
  • Control+Y pastes the content
This cut and paste function works with images and text, but notice that it will remove any rich text formatting or styling. Itís also important to remember the difference between cut and paste and copy and paste, cut removes the item from itís source to then be pasted elsewhere, whereas copy makes a duplicate of it within the clipboard buffer. These two control key shortcuts work in the Finder for elements, but not files, folders, or file system items. For that, cut and paste came to OS X Lion on a filesystem level, providing for a Windows-style system of moving items around the Finder. If memorizing another keyboard shortcut isnít for you, try using a simple clipboard history app like ClipMenu instead. These apps allow you to store and recall tons of data in the clipboard, retrievable with the standard Command keys.

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