Plus Symbol

It used to be that in order to call a number overseas from the US, you’d dial a number like this one: 011 44 55 5555 5555. These days, however, it’s more common to see a number like this: + 44 55 5555 5555. But where do you find that plus symbol?

We’re here to tell you.

Launch your Phone app on your iPhone and notice the little plus symbol under the 0 key. Tap and hold it until your iPhone registers the plus (+) symbol, then type the country code, and then the number. This should let you continue typing numbers as usual. It’s really that simple. If you find yourself having trouble connecting with an old 011 number, use this tip to type a plus symbol instead, and definitely save the + symbol to your Contacts app, as it will allow you to dial overseas numbers the same as any other phone number in your iPhone.

Source: Macworld Hints
Via: OS X Daily

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