I hate the check engine light located just to the right of my speedometer. It comes on. It goes off. I’ve decided it has a mind of its own. Nothing irritates me more than having that thing come on, then taking my car in for a diagnosis, only to find out I paid $70 to be told nothing was actually wrong and they reset my diagnostic system.

I’m almost convinced I need to purchase the GL1 Vehicle Diagnostic connector ($90). Hell the adapter will even charge your iPhone or iPad, but is smart enough to not drain power when the car is turned off, so no dead batteries to worry about.

Simply purchase the dongle, download the free iPhone and iPad diagnostics application, and plug in your iPhone or iPad to the vehicles On Board Diagnostics port. The program running on your iPhone or iPad will let you read what your OBD is reporting about your car. Obviously this app wont make the mechanically inept more apt to fix their car, but it is a great tool for mechanics, and wary consumers worried they’re being screwed over for work on their car.

To recap, plug, play, find out your car’s needs in a way your mechanic can only dream of. Unless he uses the same program. Either way it gives consumers peace of mind, and give do-it-yourself car aficionados access to the same information those guys in the shop have.


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