View multimedia in Messages Looking for a picture exchanged between friends through Messages app on your iPhone / iPad, but scrolling through a gigantic conversation thread to find it doesn’t sound too appealing? There’s an easier way to see your sent and received imagery, and from iOS 7 onward you can quickly view every piece of multimedia sent between you and a recipient through iMessages (or text message), including photos, pictures, audio files, animated GIFs, and even movies. Accessing the multimedia list view in Messages app from a single conversation isn’t particularly obvious, but it sure is convenient once you learn how:

  1. Open Messages app and then open the conversation you want to see all photos / videos for
  2. Tap on any inline photo / video to view it larger
  3. Within picture view, look for the little “list” button in the bottom corner and tap on that to see a list of all multimedia in that iMessage thread

See all pictures and movies in an iMessage conversation with Messages app for iOS

Once you’re in the photo/video list view, you’ll see a file manager of sorts for that conversation, complete with the file name and file format type of the various multimedia elements in the thread. Choosing a single recent item will also reveal it’s file size.

View all pictures, photos, movies, videos, exchanged between Messages app for iOS

Tap on any single item to view it larger, than access the Share button to save or share it as usual. You can also just flip through the different images and movies as you would through the Photos app, except that everything within the multimedia sequence is limited to what has been exchanged between you and the recipient in that iMessage thread.

Pictures and videos will stay viewable in this list view as long as that given message thread is maintained on the iOS device. In other words, if you noticed Messages app or a single thread is the culprit behind “Other” hogging space and delete a bunch of iMessage conversations, you will obviously lose the multimedia stored within those threads, and the list view of any past items.

This works the same on any iOS device running 7.0 or later, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Note the person on the other side of the conversation does not need to have iMessage, let alone iOS 7 or even an iPhone or Apple device for this to work for you, the picture list is entirely on your user end.

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