Get more specific weather details from the iPhone

Obviously the Weather app will tell you temperatures and a five-day forecast, but the revised default iPhone Weather app can also provide additional weather information without having to ask Siri. This includes much more specific data, like humidity, the chance of rain, the wind speed and direction, and the current heat index. You’d be forgiven for not knowing this upon first glance within the weather app though, because it’s tucked away behind the initiate temperature reading for any given location.

Accessing the detailed weather info is simple though. Just open Weather app, navigate to the location you want to check the extended details for, and then do a single tap on the large current temperature reading to see specifics. This will instantly transform the conditions and temperature indicator into the extended details.

Get extended weather info for iPhone

You’ll see humidity displayed as a percentage, the probability of rain as a percentage, the wind direction and speed, and the locations heat index which is referred to here in the Weather app as “Feels like”, which is basically a gauge of what the temperature would feel like to the average human by combining both air temperature and humidity (this is why muggy locations can feel hotter than they are by temperature reading, you can read a much better explanation on Wikipedia if you’re interested). Unfortunately for the skiers, snowboarders, and general snow aficianados, there is still no freezing level information provided in Weather app or through Siri, but maybe some day that will be included too…

This is limited to the iPhone since the iPad does not ship with the Weather app, but both iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users can continue to get detailed weather information from Siri by asking about a variety of conditions.

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