Spill beverages fearlessly on the Logitech K310.



What use could you possibly have for a washable keyboard? The obvious hand-shandy jokes write themselves here, but there are other reasons that you might want this easy-clean keyboard from Logitech.

They say that a toilet seat is cleaner than the average computer keyboard or desk. But even those never-cleaned, hole-in-the-floor toilets in far-flung countries are cleaner than the “white” keys on my Mac’s aluminum keyboard. Clearly I need something that is easier to wash.

Toss the full-sized USB K310 into a sink, run some hot water and give it a scrub with a brush and some soap. Drainage holes make it quick-drying, and even though it is marked up for Windows use, it’ll play just fine with your Mac.

One note: this keyboard isn’t built for dishwashers. Yes, we know that many people wash their regular keyboards in dishwashers, and as a last resort after spilling beer or other sticky fluids between the keys, it’s not a bad idea. But not with this one: it’s strictly hand-wash only.

Should you boil the thing in the dishwasher by mistake, though, it doesn’t really matter: the keyboard costs a mere $ 40.

Source: Logitech


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