I can only imagine the whimsical hilarity resulting from one of these being installed on a White House staffer’s iPhone: iSpeech Obama — or its somewhat late sister app, iSpeech Bush — are a pair of apps that allow you to enter speech and play it back in the voice of Presidents Barack Obama or George Bush. The free version of the app only does text-to-speech — you’ll have to type in the words you want Bush or Obama to say. If you want your speech said presidentially as in the clip above, you’ll have to pop for the $ 2 in-app purchase. Beyond the sheer entertainment value of having Bush or Obama make outlandish statements, the interesting thing about this pair of apps is that the developer behind them, iSpeech, has positioned itself as a competitor to Nuance, the company behind the iPhone 5?s rumored (but almost certainly real) speech recognition capabilities.

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