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No need to adjust your volume—that really is the Steve Wozniak you’re hearing on episode 34 of our all-new CultCast!

And what an episode it is! Hear Woz’s thoughts on Apple’s new Maps app; his opinions on Apple’s shiny new iPhone 5; and of course, the hot topic on everyone’s mind: EarPods.

Plus, with the anniversary of Steve Job’s death on the horizon, Woz tells us why a post-Jobs Apple is stronger than ever, but needs us iFans to keep it in check.

Note: Some of you have let us know that episode 34 is not showing up on iTunes yet. We’re not sure what’s taking so long, but if you subscribe to The CultCast on iTunes or with Apple’s Podcasts App, it downloads just fine.

Read on for the show notes!

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CultCast #34 – Welcome To The WozCast

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