Test your speed, up and down

Yesterday we reported that Joseph Brown, the young developer behind the recent carrier hacks, had found evidence that carriers are throttling iPhone and iPad data speeds without cause.

After investigating into Brown’s report (which has been deleted), AnandTech published its own investigation into the matter that proves Brown’s throttling claims are not true.

In his article, Brian Klug gives on general reason of why the iPhone throttling conspiracy is false:

At a high level, some of this seemed plausible at first, as this wouldn’t be the first time that a handset maker throttled devices via some on-device setting at bequest of a network operator.

Thankfully this is not the case currently with any iOS devices.

There’s no arbitrary capping of UE Category (User Equipment speed category), throttling on-device, or anything else that would prevent the device from attaching and taking full advantage of whatever the network wants to handshake with.

Klug’s full explanation gets technical pretty fast, but if you’re not intimated by some code, technical terms and a lot of explanation, you should head over to Anandtech and dive in.


Source: AnandTech

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