mwc2013bug-coaBARCELONA, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS – Zagg, who you surely know better for its excellent iPad keyboards, also makes a speaker. Or two speakers, to be precise. This is the Zagg Origin, and it consists of a pocket-sized Bluetooth speaker which docks into a desktop mothership.

The handy homunculus is Jamboxian in proportions, and does everything a modern portable BT speaker should. It pairs with your iPhone, it recharges that same iPhone by donating its own precious bodily juices through a full-sized USB port, and it looks all smart and razzle-dazzle.

The little Origin ships with a big, mains-powered speaker which has a gap in the top for its smaller brother. Like Asterix and Obelix, the little speaker provides the brain and the big speaker the brawn. The large box also charges the little ‘un whenever it is docked.

The solution is very smart, and also pretty great looking. You only need to pair one device, and when you’re at home you can take advantage of a bigger, more capable driver. Autonomous battery life is said to be 15 hours, and the European price will be €250, which will probably translate to $ 250.

Available “soon.”

Source: Zagg


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