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After Perfecting The Buttonless Mouse, Apple Patents The Keyless Keyboard

6a0120a5580826970c015433fc1b69970c 800wi The latest patent to surface from the Cupertino camp shows Apple has been working on a physical keyboard that does away with physical keys. That’s right — a keyboard, much like the one you might have in front of you now, but without keys. Instead, you’ll use piezoelectrics, haptic feedback and acoustic pulse recognition to type.   They keyboard Apple illustrated in its patent in completely flat and has keys either painted on its surface  [Read More…]

Apple Lines Up iPad 3 Suppliers As It Prepares To Face Growing Competition [Report]

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Image used under Creative Commons license, from Flickr user: hddod

The staggering success of Apple’s iPad has inevitably spawned a myriad of wannabe devices from a large number of electronics manufacturers. While many of these tablets are yet to really compete with Apple’s tablet, the Cupertino company is still preparing itself for a worthy adversary by “adjusting the cost structure” of the iPad 3. According to a new report  [Read More…]

Attention Jailbreakers: Stay Away From iOS 4.3.5 If You Want Untethered Jailbreak

A few hours ago, iOS 4.3.5 was released publicly, to the surprise of many. The new update, the second of its kind in one month, is not expected to receive an untethered jailbreak anytime soon, therefore users should refrain from updating at this point in time. The warning was issued by @MuscleNerd, a prominent member of the iPhone Dev Team, responsible for developing jailbreaking solutions such as Redsn0w. His tweet couldn’t be more clear: Jailbreakers please stay away from today’s iOS 4.3.5  [Read More…]

Unlock iOS 4.3.5 On iPhone 4 With GEVEY SIM

Gevey SIM is a hardware-based unlocking method for iPhone 4 which works with most basebands. Today, we received a tip from a reader who has tested Gevey SIM on iOS 5… and it works! Unlock-iPhone-4-2 It involves using a thinner-than-normal SIM card which actually needs to be inserted along with theactual SIM card into the SIM slot. Then, you have to follow a few steps such as dialing an emergency number (112), turning Flight Mode off and on  [Read More…]

Android Phones Sell Well, But Up To 40% Of Users Return Them Because It’s No iPhone

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Ah, the marketing sleight-of-hand, it’s something to behold. On one hand, Android sales are thundering past the iPhone. Yet, on the other hand, buyers are finding Android isn’t as easy-to-use as iPhone, resulting in returns of 30-40 percent. By comparison, Apple’s iPhone 4 had a 1.7 percent return rate during the height of last year’s “Antennagate” fiasco. Why the difference? Essentially, geeks love the Android’s  [Read More…]

BookBook Case Turns Your iPhone Into A Gorgeous Four Inch Folio TwelveSouth is famous for its selection of beautiful products that lovingly accompany our favorite Apple gadgets. Just recently we reviewed the elegant BookBook case for the MacBook Air, and now there’s an iPhone 4 case to match.   If you’ve already watched the video above, then the BookBook case for iPhone needs little introduction. It looks identical to the BookBook case for the MacBook Air, only miniature. It’s suave, stylish, and sophisticated; made from high quality leather which has  [Read More…]

PriceGrabber: 35% of Consumers Likely to Buy iPhone 5 Right Away

The number of so-called early-adopters of iDevices is growing exponentially, according to the fascinating survey results published today by the team at PriceGrabber. Based on a survey of more than 3,000 mobile consumers, better than one-third of respondents said they will scoop up the 5th generation iPhone right away. 35% of consumers in all will buy the iPhone 5 soon – probably within 6 months – after release. 51% revealed they plan to buy the  [Read More…]

Netflix Streaming Coming To Facebook, But There’s A Catch

Online movie streaming service Netflix today confirmed that Facebook integration is on the horizon, and will most likely be implemented within the next three months. However, the company has rather cautiously not decided to launch Stateside just yet, due to the legalities surrounding video sharing and will only launch in Canada and Latin America. Facebook Netflix The online sharing and distributing of works is a contentious subject to say the least. Over the years,  [Read More…]

Did Apple Just Out The 3G Capable VoIP iPod Touch On Their Website?

See anything interesting in the image above, plucked right from Apple’s own website? Say, the iPod Touch with the 3G icon in the top left? Did Apple just out a web-connected iPod Touch coming in September?   Although it’s likely just a mistake by Apple’s internal art department, the timing of this mistake — first noticed by the iPhone Download Blog — is striking, in that it closely follows rumors  [Read More…]

Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko Project: A New Open-Source Mobile OS For Phones And Tablet

Mozilla appears to be attempting at entering the already tight mobile operating system market with their Boot to Gecko project, which was proposed today. mozilla-seabird The emphasis on the new proposed mobile OS will be on standards-based Web technologies as Mozilla’s aim with the OS is to create an environment where web-apps are as, if not more, important than native apps. B2G will be based on Android and, consequently, Linux’s kernel. This is being done in order to enable B2G to run as many  [Read More…]